Florida Psychoanalytic Center

Application for Psychoanalytic Training

  1. Applications may be submitted at any time. A non-refundable application fee of $350 must be included, payable below or by check to the Florida Psychoanalytic Center. The formal application process will not begin until your application file is complete.
    Application Fee
  2. Should your application be advanced, you will be scheduled for individual interviews with members of the Admissions Subcommittee. The purpose of these interviews is to evaluate your personal and professional capacities to learn about and to practice psychoanalytic work, and will include exploring the usefulness of analysis for you personally. You should be prepared to discuss clinical cases in detail in one or more of the interviews. Each interviewer makes an independent recommendation to the Subcommittee, which will, in turn, review all the data and make a recommendation for an admissions decision by the Education Committee of the Center.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding the status of your application to the Center’s Administrator at 305.669.4353 or by email at fl.psychoanalytic.center@gmail.com. Other questions should be directed to Dr. Julio Calderon, Chair, Admissions Subcommittee, at 305.275.5515 or by email at jcalderonmd@bellsouth.net.