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APsaA Statement on Gun Violence and Suicide Risk

April 2, 2019


What’s at the Root of Performance Anxiety? How fear and anger become physical symptoms.

April 2, 2019


NZ Terror Attack Statement

March 18, 2019

We strongly condemn the loathsome attack on Muslim worshipers in New Zealand. Our thoughts are with surviving family members and friends as well as Muslims and people of all faiths around the world. We join you in your feelings of shock, anger, and mourning.

As psychoanalysts, we understand the power of words, and how words and actions can be used to fuel negative fantasies and feelings about individuals and groups seen as “Other.” As a society we must use the power of words to confront our fears and hatreds and to identify and eliminate scapegoating, xenophobia, and violence.” -APsaA

Do therapists have a duty to confront climate change denial?

March 6, 2019

Do therapists have a duty to confront climate change denial?
Psychoanalysis is, traditionally, a highly individualistic endeavor. The therapeutic method, based on a psychological perspective developed by Sigmund Freud, works to uncover a patient’s unconscious, and is conventionally focused on unravelling unconscious self-sabotage.

Four Ways People Lie to Their Therapist

January 22, 2019

Why would someone lie to their therapist? That’s totally counter-productive, right? You’re paying for it so what would be the point? However, according to a study published in 2016 in Counseling Psychology Quarterly, of 547 adult psychotherapy clients, 93 percent reported lying to their therapist at some point.