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Back to School in the Era of Mass Shootings How parents can cope with the anxiety.

September 11, 2019


What I Learned About Psychotherapy from Author Toni Morrison

September 11, 2019
What I Learned About Psychotherapy from Author Toni Morrison
I was sad to awaken on August 5 to the news that Toni Morrison, a fearless writer of immortal words, had died. I am a psychoanalyst. Beloved, one single novel of Toni Morrison’s many works, has taught me much about listening to my patients, about bearing the emotional weight of what I am told, and about the limits of understanding.

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July 27, 2019


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July 16, 2019


Father Day

June 17, 2019

Just in time for fathers day, here is our latest blog post. Share it today, Share it on Sunday.