Florida Psychoanalytic Center

Psychoanalysts Presenting Patients Series (PPP)

Co-Chairs: Eugenio Duarte, Ph.D., Luly Casares, Ph.D, Lynne Harkless, Ph.D.

The Psychoanalysts Presenting Patients Series consists of one-time seminars offered intermittently throughout the year where one of our local psychoanalysts presents clinical material from a patient in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. The presentation is structured in an interactive format where attendees are encouraged to ask questions or make comments. The presentations are 90 minutes long and are sometimes held over Zoom and sometimes in-person at the Center (with the option to attend by Zoom). When they are in-person at the Center, a light dinner (such as pizza) is offered for in-person attendees. There is no charge.

Previous PPP presenters:

Alessandra Barroso, L.M.H.C October 6, 2022
Alessandra Barroso is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and psychoanalyst in private practice in Broward County, Florida, offering psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy to adults as well as children and adolescents, and consultation to parents. She completed her psychoanalytic training at Fortaleza Psychoanalytic Society (SPFor) in Brazil and is author of “The boy and the paper: reflections about challenges and achievements in the psychoanalytical work with a psychotic adolescent” and “Agreeing without thinking: attacks on links.” She serves on the faculty of Florida Psychoanalytic Institute in Miami and is a member of its Curriculum Committee. She is also on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Society of Fortaleza, in Brazil. She has special interests in Object Relations, Bion, and Post-Bionian Field Theory. 


For questions or more information, you may contact Eugenio Duarte, Ph.D., Luly Casares, Ph.D., or Lynne Harkless, Ph.D.


To register, simply email Martha Ortiz at fl.psychoanalytic.center@gmail.com.