Florida Psychoanalytic Center

Educational Opportunities

Adult Psychoanalytic Training

The Florida Psychoanalytic Institute offers a 4-year training program in the theory and practice of adult psychoanalysis. Our training program is currently the only program accredited by the American Psychoanalytic Association that offers in-person classes in a format of 7 intensive weekends per year rather than weekly or bi-weekly. This makes our program more logistically while preserving the rigor of conventionally structured didactic classes and meeting the didactic requirements for membership in the American Psychoanalytic Association.

See a detailed description of the Institute’s 4-year training program in adult psychoanalysis.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course, PPC

The Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course, PPC, is a two-year course designed to introduce students to the major theoretical concepts of psychodynamic psychotherapy and to the application of those concepts clinically. It is a robust, energetic, and accessible program that is open to practicing mental health professionals, residents in psychiatry, doctoral level psychology students, predoctoral interns and post docs, and master’s students in psychology. See details about the PPC here.

Psychoanalytic Clinical Consultation Groups

The Florida Psychoanalytic Center offers a group consultation program for clinicians of varying skill and experience levels who wish to learn or improve their work as psychoanalytic therapists or analysts. In these groups, analysts will offer live consultation to attendees who present clinical cases from their practices. See details about the Psychoanalytic Clinical Consultation Groups.

Scientific Meetings

Scientific Meetings are single public events where renowned analysts from around the country are invited to present papers and clinical material. In addition to the formal presentation, attendees have an opportunity to engage in questions, comments, and discussion with the speaker. See upcoming Scientific Meetings here.

Psychoanalysts Presenting Patients Series

The Psychoanalysts Presenting Patients Series is a series of seminars offered intermittently throughout the year where one of our local psychoanalysts presents clinical material from a patient in analysis or psychotherapy. See upcoming Psychoanalysts Presenting Patients events here.

Study Groups

Individual analysts offer short term study groups from time to time. See upcoming events here.