Florida Psychoanalytic Center

Anti-Racism Statement

The Florida Psychoanalytic Center is committed to cultivating an anti-racism culture in our organization. By anti-racism we mean a process of actively identifying and opposing racism between us, within us, and among us. We believe Anti-racism values and psychoanalytic values are both, at their core, about humanity.

The question of what we can do to create change is important and difficult. We will strive to keep the question of what to do in the forefront of our minds as a psychoanalytic organization. We will reflect on our personal and organizational contributions, past and present, to not-recognizing, and therefore supporting and furthering, racism. We will acknowledge that reality of racism and its daily dehumanizing effects and that no one escapes internalization of the pernicious racism that for centuries has desecrated the humanity of people of color.

We have begun and will continue to offer programs on psychoanalytic analyses of racism, add courses about race in the consulting room to our candidate curriculum, add classes about race to our psychotherapy training and study groups, and integrate issues of race into our clinical discussions in individual classes, courses, and organizational meetings. We are committed to continuing and expanding these and other forms of change.